Automated Data Collection System Optimizes Production


The FIAMM plant in Waynesboro, Georgia is the principle industrial battery manufacturing plant for FIAMM America. The plant uses the latest industrial standby battery systems developed in Italy and produces FIAMM Monolite batteries for major telecom and Internet companies in North America.


When the plant opened, FIAMM held an internal planning meeting with quality, process, maintenance and production managers to define a quality assurance weighing application for its battery manufacturing process. FIAMM called Scale Systems looking for scale assistance.

After a careful audit and analysis, Scale Systems determined that FIAMM needed a combination of properly specified and applied scale electronics with technically suitable automated data collection to meet its goals. FIAMM also needed help developing specifications, software and related technical services to complete the project.


Scale Systems recommended three process stations where batteries are scanned, weighed and tolerance tested. • Two of the stations are manually operated, and one has a powered conveyor with scanners and photo-eyes for automatic weighing, identification and tolerance testing

  • All of the stations communicate with one industrial PC featuring a 19-inch touch screen
  • Located on the production floor, each station collects data and performs calculations based on tolerances and captured weights for different stages of the battery production process
  • Operators have both visual and audible alerts when batteries are outside the required weight and/or production specifications

Scale Systems combined a customized version of our ScalTrak™ software and MettlerToledo’s high-resolution K-Line platforms. As a result, FIAMM’s scale application became a true system, creating a data collection program that optimizes production.