High Precision Weigh Module Improves Quality Assurance


The Starbucks soluble plant in Augusta, Georgia is a coffee production and packaging facility that creates products such as Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew coffee.


The customer needed the ability to trace products and reduce its labor-intensive quality assurance procedure. The quality assurance results were within the machine specifications, but were not as good as Starbucks was hoping for. Because of this, corporate quality control took samples more frequently, requiring additional staff to meet the new mandated testing requirements.


Scale Systems quickly began working with Starbucks’ engineering team on an automated solution using standard products from Mettler-Toledo and our own ScalTrak SPC™ software application.

Mettler-Toledo’s specialized, high precision weigh module records a stable weight within 250 milliseconds with a precision of 1-thousandth of a gram. The unit automatically transmits the weight information to ScalTrak SPC, which captures the information and plots the data on a chart providing statistical information. All of the data is stored in the SQL Server and used for regulatory compliance. ScalTrak SPC provides comprehensive track and trace capabilities with product and lot numbers for each production run.

Scale Systems’ custom solution not only achieved the quality assurance requirements, but it also improved efficiency for the customer.