Innovative Check Weighing & Data Collection In Hazardous Area


Zep (formerly Amrep), a contract packager of aerosol cans


The customer wanted to upgrade its existing check weighing and data collection on one of their five filling lines from an old mechanical scale and clipboard to a paperless data collection system. This application was complicated because of the fill line’s location in a hazardous area FM-rated Class 1, Division II.


Scale Systems, using a combination of multiple vendors and components, provided a Mettler-Toledo stainless steel IP68 scale and IP69K platform with one IND560 hazardous area approved terminal.

The IND560 terminal did not require a separate power supply in the safe area as long as the 110 power was run to the instrument via a steel rigid conduit. The serial output from the indicator and Cat5 cable also required a separate steel rigid conduit to the PC in the safe area.

In addition, Scale Systems provided a flat panel LCD touch screen monitor, which was mounted in a Hoffman enclosure to further safeguard the monitor and electrical components. To remotely control the touch screen monitor, a Black Box ServSwitch KVM UPS extender was used to connect the monitor in the hazardous area to the PC in a safe area located 200 feet away.

This solution enables the customer to automatically collect sample weights from the new manual check weighing station. The data is transmitted to a PC in a safe area where it is analyzed by Infinity QS software and displayed back in the hazardous area on the 17-inch touch screen monitor. The operator can now view the current data and statistics on the product within seconds of taking the sample. Paperwork for the operator has been eliminated, in addition to errors in recording data.