Simplifying Batch Tracking For Large Textile Mill


Apparel Fabrics Group is the largest Mount Vernon Mills group. The company is a 150-year-old denim manufacturer in Trion, Georgia. In addition to denim, the mill produces pants, slacks and trousers, and accounts for over half of Mount Vernon Mills’ sales.


When breakdowns and mishaps hinder production at Apparel Fabrics, they can set off a ripple effect that impacts the entire Mount Vernon Mills group. The mill was using 3 Mettler-Toledo 9215 batching terminals to control a complex and temperature-sensitive process for coating raw materials. While these terminals had performed reliably, they had long surpassed their lifespans and became increasingly difficult to support. Because of the out-of-date equipment, the customer was unable to complete the production process as efficiently as need.


Leveraging the expertise of our in-house engineering team, Scale Systems upgraded the 3 systems to Mettler-Toledo IND780 automatic batch controllers, while leaving 2 systems in production mode with each install, per the customer’s request. Engineered for the food, specialty chemical, plastics, glass, aggregates and formulation markets, the IND780 is a formidable stand-alone terminal for single or multi-scale applications, and it combines advanced batching control technology with the powerful features of the IND780 terminal.

Additionally, our engineers devised and implemented solutions to address other production problems uncovered in the inspection, including updating the mill’s antiquated DOS PC configuration software and eliminating 3 printers in favor of an efficient and automated audit trail.

With the powerful combination of a high-speed cut-off, TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity, a PC-based backend (PCTool) and the support of Scale Systems’ expert team, the IND780 addressed all project goals and increased efficiency in ways the customer had not initially considered.