Specialized Application Increases Efficiencies


GNS Polycarb, a DOW Chemical subsidiary located in Roberta, Georgia


Our customer needed to upgrade existing scale instrumentation and functionality for four process tanks and one floor scale. However, the instrumentation was located in a hazardous area rated Class I, Division I, Groups C&D, requiring additional planning before engineering a solution. The customer needed help:

  • Replacing obsolete instrumentation that had become increasingly difficult to support
  • Interfacing critical weight data via a PROFIBUS interface to the facility’s existing programmable logic controller (PLC) infrastructure
  • Making the process leaner by allowing operators to tare the scales directly from the production floor rather than in a remote setting


Scale Systems recommended a multi-faceted and cost-effective solution. We replaced obsolete instrumentation that was becoming increasingly difficult to support, interfaced critical weight data via a PROFIBUS interface to an existing PLC infrastructure and improved productivity with added functionality. Scale Systems installed:

  • Mettler-Toledo IND560x hazardous area terminals, one for each tank
  • Mettler-Toledo APS power supplies (also rated for hazardous areas)
  • Mettler-Toledo ACM 500 interface modules for the PROFIBUS interface to the PLC, located in a safe area
  • Additional IND560x terminals without scale interfaces to be used as remote terminals for taring functions