Good Weighing Practice (GWP)

Minimum Weight Determination is very important. With decreasing sample size, measurement uncertainty of a weighing instrument increases. In order to ensure reliable weighing accuracy it is therefore essential to know the minimum weight of the scale or balance.

Where is the limit of your weighing system that still allows you to weigh accurately? The METTLER TOLEDO Minimum Weight Certificate provides the verified minimum weight of a balance or scale in its working location.

There is a 3 Step Process to help you with this:

Step 1: Selection

Choose the Right Device

Select the balance or scale that meets your process requirements. Our free, easy-to-apply GWP® Recommendation service:   

  • Provides you with security before making a purchasing decision
  • Documents that your new device meets your process requirements and is fit-for-purpose
  • Recommends which test weights and services fit your needs

Step 2: Installation

Professional Qualification

Professional installation and qualification of your balance and scale:

  • Ensures optimal weighing performance
  • Improves productivity with correct device set-up
  • Provides users with training to operate the device correctly
  • Includes audit-proof documentation

Step 3: Calibration and Routine Testing

Maintain Accuracy

To ensure accuracy over time:

  • Calibration assesses the performance of the weighing device by documenting the measurement uncertainty in use
  • The GWP® Certificate proves that the device is fit-for-purpose
  • GWP® Verification specifies a risk-based calibration and routine testing plan