Preventative Maintenance & Your Truck Scale

When it comes to measuring equipment, one of the highest costs to your company is maintaining the truck scale.

The initial investment of the scale, foundation, delivery, installation and calibration typically runs over $50,000.00.  Don’t forget about the on-going costs maintaining it to legal-for-trade standards, unscheduled downtime, repairs, and the cost of inaccuracy.

Believe or not, just a few pounds can make a significant difference on your bottom line. Inaccuracy is one of the most overlooked costs related to maintaining your truck scale.

Think about this and apply it to your business:

  • Product Cost is $ 0.05 per pound ($100.00 per Ton)
  • Your facility typically runs 75 Trucks per Day
  • Your Truck Scale is operating 60 LBS Light (Under)
    • Meaning you are giving away 60 LBS on every load
    • Could be:
      • build up under the weighbridge
      • bind in the checking system
      • or simply off calibration
    • 60 LBS is still within Legal-for-Trade Tolerance
  • In any given month, you would be giving away $ 4,500.00 worth of product
    • .05 (Cost of Product) * 60 (LBS) * 75 (Trucks per Day) * 20 (Working Days in a Month)
  • Annually that is $ 54,000.00

This is why we teamed up with METTLER TOLEDO and recommend the following steps to help you save thousands of dollars which will reduce the total cost of ownership of your truck scale investment.