VFS120 Forklift Scale

VFS120 Brochure

Weigh on the Move

METTLER TOLEDO Forklift scales is a cost effective solution to speeding up your pallet weighing processes by weighing  as you drive for improved productivity and revenue recovery. Designed for tough industrial environments, our forklift scales set the standard for reliability, safety and accuracy in heavy-use applications, with local and International Weights and Measures Approvals that guarantee weighing quality.



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Robust, Safe, Accurate Pallet Weighing

Accurately weigh pallets in tough, industrial environments. Rugged design and a patented three-point suspension combine to ensure accurate weighing results in the toughest, roughest conditions, without the expense or hassle of frequent recalibration.

Maintained High Accuracy

Regardless of environmental disturbances, METTLER TOLEDO forklift scales retains calibration for 12 months. The unique 3 point scale suspension ensures that results are accurate, repeatable and legal-for-trade, reducing the expense and hassle involved in frequent re-calibration.

Designed for Safety and Uptime

Designed for tough industrial use, our forklift scales can withstand an overload of 150% and has undergone extensive testing  to prove its mechanic safety and durability. A high-visability window and a compact terminal makes it easy for the forklift operator to see loads, position forks for lifting and avoid accidents.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Easy installation with a hang-on scale has your forklift ready to weigh in under 30 minutes, without affecting its warranty. The robust design minimizes the need for service and where needed, service is made easy by the ability to slide the scale off the bracket.

Case Studies

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High Precision Weigh Module Improves Quality Assurance CUSTOMER PROFILE The Starbucks soluble plant in Augusta, Georgia is a coffee production and packaging facility that creates products such as Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew coffee. THE PROBLEM The customer needed the ability to trace products and reduce its labor-intensive quality assurance procedure. The quality assurance results were within the machine specifications, but were not […]


Automated Data Collection System Optimizes Production CUSTOMER PROFILE The FIAMM plant in Waynesboro, Georgia is the principle industrial battery manufacturing plant for FIAMM America. The plant uses the latest industrial standby battery systems developed in Italy and produces FIAMM Monolite batteries for major telecom and Internet companies in North America. THE PROBLEM When the plant opened, FIAMM held an internal planning […]